Crafty DIY Bird Feeders

I'm using all my might to "wish away" the impending storm, set to hit parts of New England. So while I sit here and imagine long walks on the beach, bonfires in the pit and maxi dresses, I thought it would be a good idea to share some projects you can do for Spring.

Here are a few of my favorite tutorials that I have discovered for making your own crafty bird feeder.

First up is the idea that inspired my post today - a fun project with a rustic feel & nature-friendly results via Cassy as of Lately. The best part is you probably already have everything you need in the house!

This cute idea I recently came across is an easy weekend project and would work perfectly if you have young kids around. Courtesy of My Own Ideas, click here for the tutorial to make these pretzel birdie treats. 

Another fun idea to do with the family, requires simply a bag of bird food, gelatin, twine and some fun shaped cookie cutters. (Alpha Mom)

And my personal favorite, because I love any teacup and teapot related crafts, this tutorial comes from Tip Nut.

Tonight I'm hoping to complete the makeover of a promising, albeit dated, denim jacket from my Nana, because she found it on sale of course - full story plus before & after pictures coming tomorrow. 


  1. cute! love the last one too!

  2. I'm happy to post the link to your tutorial & pic, glad you don't mind - I love the frame bird feeder. Thanks! :)

  3. I love all these ideas! Thanks so much for including my Pretzel tutorial!

  4. Thanks Rachel - I love all these ideas too. Very inspiring :)