Themed Party Decorations for Less

One of the things I love most about being a grown-up is having gatherings at the house. Whether it's holidays, birthdays or any celebrated event, I enjoy throwing parties, especially when it comes to decorating!

The best party decorating tip I've ever gotten came from my friend Beth; each holiday season, she wraps all of the pictures in her house with holiday and Christmas themed wrapping paper. With a few ribbons, bows and other festive accessories, this decoration is inexpensive, easy to accomplish and it can stay up all season long. As per usual, I don't have any examples of my own handy work from this past holiday but here is a great example (from the Woman of Gloucester County website): 

When we hosted my friend Kerry's bridal shower last year, I took that same idea and personalized it to her taste. It made the house look colorful, fun and totally unique.

We used another variation of this for our own party last month. Every February, Bunch and I hold a Winter BBQ for our friends and this year was our 7th one. In honor of that, we went with a James Bond 007 theme but it was surprisingly difficult to find decorations at the normal party supply stores. I took this same wrapping paper idea and made it work for this event as well: 

I used plain black wrapping paper and print-outs from Google images to create this (and other) fun James Bond decorations around the house.

Use your crafty nature and imagination for showers, themed birthdays & holidays. Happy decorating!

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