Weekend Wrap-Up

Hope all of you crafters out there had a fun and productive weekend! Here are some projects that I was able to finish up in anticipation of next weeks show: 

These are a set of decoupage candle holders with hot pink tissue paper and leopard print ribbon with black sequins. I originally tried using a turqiouse ribbon with hot pink dots but the ribbon just wouldn't stay put. And it looked like the glue was going to bleed through, which looked terrible. The new ribbon worked better and with a couple of LED tealights, these are safe and funky!

Another fun candle holder with leopard tissue paper, turquoise ribbon and stones at the bottom under the tealight. On the outside, I painted a silver sparkle on the base as well.

I finally packaged the tile coasters that I made a few weeks ago with some ribbons and flowers...

The glare from the camera makes this shot a little less impressive but it's a decoupage plate with cotton ladybug fabric, a lady bug wallpaper cutout on the front and it says "welcome" in silver print.

I have to finish up this cute little Easter basket with ribbon at the neck and an Easter message in pastel lettering. The eggs inside are each hand-decorated in a different way. 

There was no time to work on the spring denim jacket but maybe I can get to it this week. I found buttons at Michaels that could be the missing piece that I was looking for, to finish the design idea. I've also got the kitchen table covered with potential Easter wreath that I'd like to get done. The pieces are all there, I will work on it if the feeling moves me.

Once the craft fair is over next week, I will get back to working on my Etsy store. Thank you for the support - have a great start to your week!

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