Decoupage Light Switches w/ Fabric

Since I'll be displaying a lot of new items at my next craft fair, I decided to also try a few small items as fun add-ons. It's easy at the holidays to have little extras on the table like handcrafted cards, stocking stuffers and moderately priced items for hostess gifts. In the spring, it's a bit tougher for me to find small but quality items so I decided to makeover a few ordinary plastic light switches with a fabric decoupage cover & sequin accents, to see if there is any interest in this moderately priced home decor item.

I tweeted earlier that I was in the mood to decoupage every light switch in the house and I was only half kidding. Here are two light switches I finished tonight, to bring to Maple Fest but if they do not sell, I will definitely put them up in my craft room. I just found the gray fabric with the pink birds in a remnant pile and it's my new favorite!

More updates soon - have a crafty weekend!

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