Deal of the Day

On my shopping adventures today, I stopped into Michaels for a few last minute items for the craft fair next weekend and as always, I checked the clearance section for any items I might need to stock up on. I found a "Valentine's Day Grab Bag" for $2.00 and decided it would probably be worth it. I was right:

For those $2, I now have a full stock of bright, colorful pictures for craft use! There were 15 calendars in the bag, ranging from teacups to bees, lighthouses to country scenes. I can cut up some of the more colorful pictures to decoupage with or I could even keep some and frame them for decor.

One in particular has ladybugs, butterflies, and a number of other colorful drawings of cute little creatures. These could easily be mounted, with Modge Podge, on wood plaques or framed with scrap wood and used to bring some Spring-feeling to a craft room, entry way or kids room. This bunch of calendars will yield me plenty of projects that can all be done for only a few dollars each.

Until tomorrow...

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