Weekend Projects 1, Babycakes 0

It's with a wee bit of annoyance that I have to admit that my weekend ended with more of a whimper than a bang. Us type A folks never like to admit defeat, especially publicly. I'm home now from a family event and with the way my projects from this morning turned out, I'm in no mood to start anything new before bed. 

Here's what happened - I tried to replicate the zebra glass candle holders that I sold at Maple Fest except I used glitter Modge Podge. For some reason, it's about 75% of the way done and it's just not looking right. I'm not sure what the issue is yet since my technique is the same but I'm going to let it sit overnight. I also used some cute yellow and black polka dot tissue paper on a martini glass, as a wine holder but it looks too busy. It might be salvageable so I'm going to try a few more layers before I call it a loss.

The last decoupage project I tried was with a frosted glass candle holder with some old sheet music. I was only a few minutes in when I realized the glass was just too small of a space. 

This might be the saddest picture I have ever posted but in the spirit of honesty, here is what I have to show for my efforts, 3 unfinished projects: 

For now, I'm calling it a night and hoping for a productive Monday. And if all else fails, it's Dancing with the Stars night tomorrow!

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