Decoupage Candle Holder Tutorial

Awhile back, I posted the results of one of my weekend projects - some fun zebra decoupage candle holders. I wanted to post a simple tutorial for anyone looking to make these themselves. 

I started with a set of small wine glasses, passed along to me in a box of craft supplies by my grandmother. I cut up some zebra tissue paper into rectangles, not too worried about them being the same size but not making them too small either.

With my trusty bottle of Modge Podge, I got to work attaching the tissue paper to the glass with a small paint brush...

You don't have to be too careful during this process, a little bit of texture looks very cool when it's all dried.

When I was finished with the tissue paper and the candle holders were dry, I added a line of strung sequins to the top rim. Voila!

This set was the first sale of my first craft fair of 2011. I would definitely like to make more! Finding glass pieces to use is easy if you check out your local consignment shop or tag sales. Here is another variation on this project, using hot pink tissue paper, black sequins and leopard print ribbon. 

And finally, one more candle holder project using this technique...

I always sell these with LED candles inside so they are safe for homes with children and pets.

Hope you enjoy this tutorial and happy crafting!


  1. The zebra holder looks great! I have some bright, fun tissue paper left over from Christmas I think it would be perfect. Such a great idea, thank you so much :)


  2. Thanks Rachel! I noticed I've been getting some traffic from Google; people looking for decoupage candle holders so I hope this tutorial is helpful to any readers I have or any future readers :)