From the Archives - Tips for a Successful Craft Fair

Since I spent a good portion of the night making zucchini bread, here is a post from my archives. For you beginners, here are some things to consider before your next craft show, to ensure it is a success!

1. Check with the craft fair coordinator to find out what you need to bring and what will be provided; chairs, tables, tablecloths, etc. 

2. Be comfortable and prepared - wear comfy shoes and layers in case you get warm after set-up and some healthy snacks as there are rarely any provided. 

3. Decide how you will accept payment. If you accept credit cards, make sure you have your supplies and an electrical outlet at your booth. If cash only, have plenty of change and never leave your cash box unattended.

4. Make sure all items are priced and signs are visible. Customers don't like to waste time searching for prices, they are looking for the items that catch their fancy and are easily accessible. 

5. Be a happy seller! Wearing a genuine smile and having a good time are among the best ways to draw customers to your booth. Bring a friend, string some colorful lights and relax while enjoying all the compliments that will surely come your way. 

Good luck with your next show!

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