Crafty Weekend Plans

This weekend marks the first time in awhile that I am actually going to get to my craft room for some crafty fun. I've been a little lax lately (I'll update soon as to why, I promise!) so it's a comforting feeling to know I'll be able to work out my creative juices. 

The first thing I need to do is hem the adorable black cotton maxi-dress that I bought last month. It's an easy enough task, I just haven't dragged out my sewing machine in weeks.

I've also got some cute dog bone print fleece fabric from my dear friend Beth that I would like to make into a pillow. I know that summer is not exactly the most ideal time to work with fleece but I'd love to put it in my Etsy shop or on eBay as soon as I'm done. And I might as well hop on this project while the sewing machine is already out.

Lastly, I need to go through my extra fabric so I can give it to my friend Kerry, who has been volunteering her time making pillows for cancer survivors who have recently undergone a mastectomy or lumpectomy. The pillows are used to alleviate pressures on their wounds. Not only is Kerry sassy as hell but she's got a good heart, as you can see from her volunteering efforts.

I'm sure there will be a few other projects that I can put some time into (helloooo, cross stitch project) so I'll be sure to update as to what I get accomplished. 

Hope you all have a fun & crafty weekend as well!

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