My Secret Unfinished Project

I'm sure every crafter has one of these - an unfinished project that sits in a drawer or perhaps sits right out in the open, in a mocking fashion...

For me, it is this adorable yet unfinished cross stitch teddy bear bib. I bought this to make and give as a gift two summers ago. The fact that I didn't start it until 6 months after that should give you some clue as to where this story is going. I finally brought it with me on our first anniversary trip to Martha's Vineyard - it was a glorious two weeks with nothing to do but shop, read, take walks on the beach...and cross stitch. I made great strides during that trip and then promptly threw it in my take-home bag. 

Once we returned from our trip, it got to be difficult to make time to work on this project. It was back to work and back to real life. So I left it sitting on the couch, I gave myself self-imposed deadlines but somehow I've never managed to complete it despite the many projects that have been started and finished during this time. 

I'm hoping that this public declaration will light a fire under me and that this project will be finished before the next season starts.  Considering yesterday was the first day of summer, I guess that buys me some time!

What about you - do you have an unfinished project that you just can't seem to complete?


  1. I love that cross-stitch projects are always the number 1 unfinished project! I always get stuck on scrapbook pages, I start them then lose inspiration for what to do and just stop. I think I'm only 7 months behind now, not too bad :)


  2. That makes me feel so much better about the cross stitching... I have a ton of them that I haven't started but that's a story for another day :)