Make Your Own Decoupage Bracelets

I've been wanting to try a couple decoupage bangle bracelets for some time now, using both fabric and paper materials. I tried a long time ago by wrapping decorative ribbon around the bracelets and securing it with tacky glue but it just didn't have the effect I was looking for. With one of my friends helping me out, I was finally able to give this project my best efforts.

Here is my supply list, as you will see I didn't use everything in the picture.

  • Plastic or wooden bangle bracelets - I found these on clearance at Old Navy - you can check Michaels also
  • Magazine articles
  • Tissue paper
  • Scissors
  • Modge Podge - goes on white but dries clear 

For the first bracelet, we started with a plastic bangle from Old Navy that had a green strip on the outside and a wide navy strip down the middle. We measured and cut tissue paper strips to be the same width as the wide part only and about 2 inches long. Using Modge Podge and a small paint brush, we glued strips of tissue paper over the navy strip, leaving the green part exposed for a fun contrast. 

Once that was dry, I glued stringed black sequins along the outside edges with Tacky Glue. I let it set for a little while. I've worn it twice already - very happy with the results. 

For the magazine bracelet, we used a thinner plastic bangle and cut-outs from a DIY magazine article about solar living.

Once the paper was fully dry, yes it takes a lot of Modge Podge for paper this thick, I glued on just a few yellow and purple gems. We also lined the inside, to hide any rough edges with a magenta ribbon, set with Modge Podge.

If you are interested in purchasing the bracelets in the photos above, please visit my Etsy store
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  1. Turned out great! I am also big on making my own jewelry it is so much fun!
    Spotted your link on Tip Junkies link party :)

    Delighted Momma

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by - I'm a new follower to your blog :)