More Crafty Celebrities

Last month, I posted a fun list of famous celebrities that take pride in their craft skills, be it knitting or home-made party decorations. I'm pretty sure I made a joke about how celebrities don't hang out at their local Michaels craft stores, but I have been proven wrong!

I can't believe I left Jennifer Garner off of my first list - not only has she professed her love for Martha but Just Jared has some pictures of her and her daughter picking out craft goodies at Michaels!

One of my favorite celebrities, Mandy Moore, stopped by Martha's show to craft these adorable charm lockets! Click here for the tutorial.

Sixth & Springs Books: Celebrity Scarves 2And to prove that not only female celebs enjoying crafting, did you know that David Arquette is rumored to be a skilled knitter

It seems there is no age limit on a love for knitting, teenage cutie Dakota Fanning has been knitting since she was just a kid. Her IMDB page states that she has made scarves for her leading men co-stars such as Denzel Washington and Tim Robbins!

Finally, in an attempt to prove that I am not perfect and completely fine with that fact - here is more evidence that the rich & famous shop at Michaels, just like you and me. Now pregnant with their third child, Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott took a trip to the craft store back in 2009, Jennifer Love Hewitt seems to be a big fan, with multiple trips documented and it seems that even the Queen of Pop is all smiles when she leaves with new crafting supplies. 

Maybe crafty celebs really are just like us?!

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