Clothing Makeover - Denim Jacket

I'd like to take a moment to tell you about my Nana - a feisty little lady who never met a sale section she didn't like. She loved to find good bargains, whether at the store, at a tag sale or in a catalog. Sadly, we lost her this past December but I decided to makeover this jacket in her memory. 

One day, I had stopped by her house and she had this jacket on the chair, with a bright yellow Kohls tag on it, exclaiming that she had gotten 80% off the original price. She said "I didn't know which one of you is going to want this; you, Jenny, or Miriah (my cousins) but try it on." As luck would have it, neither of my cousins wanted it and it fit me. Score.

Oddly enough, I never really had a place to wear it but for some reason, I couldn't part with it. Recently, I went rifling through my craft closet and decided to liven it up. 

First I used an iron-on patch of an old-school cassette tape and then I covered the ribbon under the buttons with zebra print ribbon and black sequins to hide any exposed areas in between. 

I was going to add more but these small additions made all the difference and I didn't want it to look like I was collecting flair.

Upgraded and just a little bit funky - here is the finished product. I love that the sequins are sparkling under the flash of the camera!

I'm thinking I can pair this with a white tee and khaki capri pants since it's a nice, lightweight denim. It's a simple change but it definitely gives this spring jacket a much needed update.

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