Featured Artist: Dr. Grymm

Today I would like to try something a little different and introduce you to one of the most talked about Steampunk artists around - the amazing Dr. Grymm. His work was recently included in an online feature titled "Thirteen Astonishing Pairs of Steampunk Goggles" by 1-800-Recycling. The industrial sewing goggles were made for his dear wife, Mrs. Grymm and are my favorite of the group!

Dr. Grymm's work has been displayed everywhere from Oxford, England to Las Vegas to the Steampunk World Fair in New Jersey. 

You might even recognize this Eye-Pod from the Black Cards video for Club Called Heaven.

Or maybe you've seen his work on the book shelves -

Be sure to follow his adventures at the Dr. Grymm Laboratories blog. And on Facebook.

"Steampunk cannot be explained away with one man's definition. It takes many voices to create this world and all are worth hearing." - Dr. Grymm

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