Crafty Links - Babycakes Approved

I love Tuesdays because not only do I get to check out all of the creations at Tip Junkie's Tip Me Tuesday but it's also the day that I link to some of the amazingly cool projects I have come across lately. Today I'm going to feature some tasty links although I won't be able to make all these projects - bathing suit season is coming!

  • Bunch loves Oreos but I don't know if he's adventurous enough to try these Oreo pancakes. They look pretty delish! (Tizzi Lish)
  • Not only do I work my day job as a geek but I'm also a novice cake-maker so you can see why I am linking to these 13 Geeky Baked Goods, even though the article is a few years old. I could go for some Space Invaders cookies right about now... (Geek Crafts)

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