Taking a Break

As our sweet little baby Cameron prepares to turn 6 weeks old tomorrow, I've finally made the decision to take a break from blogging. I know my posting has been scarce lately anyway but I figured it's time to make it official. Other than working on his scrap book while he is sleeping, I haven't had time to think about crafting and that's fine by me. I am enjoying every second with this little guy and while my hubby has been great about keeping up with the house and doing most of the cooking, I am finally getting back into the swing of things (and only needing to wake up for one overnight feeding!) and crafting just doesn't fit in right this second.

I'm hoping the tutorials I've posted will continue to help others with their own crafty projects and gift ideas. And I promise to post any news or baby projects as soon as I have time to start working on them again...

Until then, I leave you with this adorable picture - this kid really is a good sport about my constant photo taking!


Paint Chip Nursery Decoration

Since I haven't had too much time to be crafty myself lately, I wanted to share a beautiful craft project that a friend made us for Cameron's room. Using a tutorial from Blue Velvet Chair, she created this cool "C" framed creation! You can easily make this for your own child, as a shower gift or as a birthday present for a little one.

Using paint color samples and a star hole punch (rather than a plain circle one), here are the final results -

Once we put his new white and pine colored dresser together, this will hang proudly on the wall above. Thanks Allison!


Happy Baby Cameron

Can you blame me for not exactly thinking about crafting lately? Look at this face! 

This little guy is changing our lives for the better, each and every day. I plan on working on his scrapbook some more this weekend and will post an update soon. Hope you are all having a great 2012 so far - can't believe it's already February! 


Welcome Baby Cameron

I'm sure you will forgive me for the brief break I'll be taking from the blog - I'm happy to introduce the newest addition to our family...

Cameron Austin

Born: 1/14/12
Weight: 7 lbs, 3 oz
Length: 19.5 in


Valentine's Day Craft Ideas

Since I've been wrapped up in baby planning, I figured it might be a good distraction to think about the upcoming Valentine's Day holiday, since it's a perfect time to be crafty. Whether you are making favors for a kids party, food crafts or something for your honey - there are plenty of fun and unique ideas to choose from.

Here is a gorgeous project that I discovered last week from Paint Me Plaid (via Theresa Cifali) - click here for the full tutorial.

This next project, from Delish via Peter Piper Picked, is perfect as an inexpensive decoration and doubles as a sentimental gift. Using a small vase or candle holder, pictures and any type of heart-shaped or red candy, you can create these adorable decor pieces for just about anyone; significant other, best friend or even kids. In fact, I think I will attempt this for our house with some pictures of the baby and my hubby. Of course, the baby has to get here first!!

This may have something to do with my third-trimester junk food cravings (seriously, I made it to the final month before I started craving cookies all day) but I love this Valentine's Day Shortbread Cookie recipe from Diamonds for Dessert. Shortbread is one of my favorites and the cute colors and tiny shapes make these even cuter!

What kind of fun and festive ideas do you have in mind for Valentine's Day?


Pregnancy Update - Winding Down

I guess it's obvious that I haven't been as crafty as normal lately. Don't get me wrong, I have all kinds of great ideas and inspiration but my brain has been in full-on baby mode! With only 4 days until my due date, I'm getting increasingly anxious...

The last couple weeks of pregnancy seem to be taking forever, it's hard to sleep and every time we go out, I can't help but think "what if it happens while I'm in line at Kohls, or the bakery, etc" Luckily everyone around me has been very understanding and is humoring my neurotic tendencies, especially my wonderful hubby.

I know this little guy will join the outside world when he's good and ready but it doesn't make me any more relaxed.

So, thank you for understanding my lack of posting lately - I'll be sure to update as soon as there is any baby news and also share any projects I come across from my fellow, talented crafty friends.

Hope 2012 is starting off great for all of you!


Scrapbooking Project for the New Year

The new year is upon us and since I have a couple low-key days before the baby comes, I decided it was a good time to start on a scrapbooking project for him. I bought this kit about a month ago and wanted to start it early enough that so I can bring a blank page to the hospital for his first hand and foot prints. 

I haven't put his name on the front yet...

The kit includes a 12x12 book, 24 sheets of scrapbooking paper, cut-outs, stickers and protective sheets. I also have a ton of ribbon and other accents that I can use to embellish the pages. 

I completed the first page today with the baby's first pictures - one from his 8 week sonogram and one from his 20 week sonogram. 

I'm thinking of doing another page with pictures of me and Bunch, taken throughout the last nine months so he can see me growing as he grows. And I'm excited to make the page with his handprints, footprints and first hospital pictures. Any day now...