Valentine's Day Craft Ideas

Since I've been wrapped up in baby planning, I figured it might be a good distraction to think about the upcoming Valentine's Day holiday, since it's a perfect time to be crafty. Whether you are making favors for a kids party, food crafts or something for your honey - there are plenty of fun and unique ideas to choose from.

Here is a gorgeous project that I discovered last week from Paint Me Plaid (via Theresa Cifali) - click here for the full tutorial.

This next project, from Delish via Peter Piper Picked, is perfect as an inexpensive decoration and doubles as a sentimental gift. Using a small vase or candle holder, pictures and any type of heart-shaped or red candy, you can create these adorable decor pieces for just about anyone; significant other, best friend or even kids. In fact, I think I will attempt this for our house with some pictures of the baby and my hubby. Of course, the baby has to get here first!!

This may have something to do with my third-trimester junk food cravings (seriously, I made it to the final month before I started craving cookies all day) but I love this Valentine's Day Shortbread Cookie recipe from Diamonds for Dessert. Shortbread is one of my favorites and the cute colors and tiny shapes make these even cuter!

What kind of fun and festive ideas do you have in mind for Valentine's Day?

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