Scrapbooking Project for the New Year

The new year is upon us and since I have a couple low-key days before the baby comes, I decided it was a good time to start on a scrapbooking project for him. I bought this kit about a month ago and wanted to start it early enough that so I can bring a blank page to the hospital for his first hand and foot prints. 

I haven't put his name on the front yet...

The kit includes a 12x12 book, 24 sheets of scrapbooking paper, cut-outs, stickers and protective sheets. I also have a ton of ribbon and other accents that I can use to embellish the pages. 

I completed the first page today with the baby's first pictures - one from his 8 week sonogram and one from his 20 week sonogram. 

I'm thinking of doing another page with pictures of me and Bunch, taken throughout the last nine months so he can see me growing as he grows. And I'm excited to make the page with his handprints, footprints and first hospital pictures. Any day now...


  1. thats an adorable kit you found, you're going to have so much fun filling it! such a good idea to get the footprints in, make sure that page is in your hospital bag ready to go!

  2. I will try to post the pages as I make them, even though I'm guessing I will stretch this book for the first year of his life. So anxious to just get him here already!!