Taking a Break

As our sweet little baby Cameron prepares to turn 6 weeks old tomorrow, I've finally made the decision to take a break from blogging. I know my posting has been scarce lately anyway but I figured it's time to make it official. Other than working on his scrap book while he is sleeping, I haven't had time to think about crafting and that's fine by me. I am enjoying every second with this little guy and while my hubby has been great about keeping up with the house and doing most of the cooking, I am finally getting back into the swing of things (and only needing to wake up for one overnight feeding!) and crafting just doesn't fit in right this second.

I'm hoping the tutorials I've posted will continue to help others with their own crafty projects and gift ideas. And I promise to post any news or baby projects as soon as I have time to start working on them again...

Until then, I leave you with this adorable picture - this kid really is a good sport about my constant photo taking!