Thrifty Weekend Finds

In addition to my weekend crafting plans (still in progress, by the way), my hubby was nice enough to take me to a local indoor flea market yesterday. I love finding items that can be given a little love and made into something brand spanking new for our home. 

My favorite discovery was this spice/book rack - I knew with a coat or two of spray paint that it would look perfect to display some of the smaller, glass items that have been stashed in the cabinet. Since we have a lot of wood in the living room, I thought it would look good with a black finish, instead of the original wood. I have many black frames and decorations around the room so I think this will fit right in.

Another cute but dirty discovery is this arch mirror. My plan for this is to paint it a light green and hang it on the accent wall in our bedroom. Even though construction has been finished for some time, I still haven't finished the wall decorations. 

And finally, this little sleigh basket will have to wait until Winter so I can find the perfect use for it but I love it none the less. With some red, glossy spray paint and cinnamon scented pine cones - this will look adorable on a small accent table just about anywhere in the house!

I couldn't be happier that all these items cost me less than $10. I'll be sure to post before and after pictures once I have them...

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