Ants on a Log

This weekend will be our first weekend out in the wilderness, that's right - it's camping season! Now, I'm not exactly an outdoors girl so I should add the disclaimer that my idea of camping doesn't involve tents or public showers. My in-laws bought a decked out camper last year with closed off sleeping areas, a full bathroom and the convenience of modern appliances.

Even though most of the food is made on the grill, I like to bring along some healthy treats as well. One of my favorites is Ants on a Log - even though Bunch swears he had never heard of this before he met me. 

All you need is some celery, low-fat peanut butter or almond peanut butter and raisins. Voila!

 (photo courtesy of Eat This, Not That)

What are your favorite healthy summertime snacks? Have a great weekend, no matter what you make!


  1. Oh i miss camping! And ant on a log too! I wanted to let you know Im having a GIVEAWAY on my blog! Head over to enter :)

  2. Thanks, I'm headed over now! :)