Getting Ready for Maple Fest

It's the night before my first craft fair of 2011 and everything is exactly as it should be - I don't have my pricing done, I still need to seal a plate and I almost forgot change for small sales. This happens every time and yet I never learn, it must be part of some weird ritual...

My mother-in-law will be with me tomorrow at the craft fair - she is my crafting partner-in-crime.  She makes these beautiful Christmas baskets with white lights (see picture - although it's a little blurry) and beaded lamp pulls. Obviously, she won't bring any winter items tomorrow but she is experimenting with a few Easter baskets so I will post pictures of those before the end of the weekend. 

I finally went to the store to make change (why does it always feel weird asking the clerk for singles?) bought whole wheat blueberry muffin mix for breakfast treats and now I have to print out my price tags. For some of my larger items, I like to include ideas for where the buyer can use the item or who it would make a good gift for. My darling hubby was nice enough to pick up pizza tonight so as soon as I'm fed, I need to get to work!

I will probably post late tomorrow night but if you follow me on Twitter @babycakescrafts, I will be tweeting tomorrow, all day from Maple Fest. 

Happy Crafting!

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