Saucy Decor - Decorative Pillows

Sometime after I got my new sewing machine, I went on a kick making pillows. Some of them ended up being experimental (i.e. they came out terrible) but two of them provided results I was happy with. 

The pillow below sold at one of my holiday shows - just about everyone commented on it too. I would probably use the "no drama" message again on a pillow but with a different fabric. 

This next one will be for sale this weekend at Maple Fest - it's a cute pillow for any girl; glittery and sarcastic with a touch of zebra print!

I still have another pillow, with a really cute Chinese food pattern on one side, that needs a quick couple of stitches to smooth out the seam but I just haven't done it yet. I had it stashed in my "unfinished projects" bin and I recently took it out again. Maybe now that I've publicly declared that I am going to finish that pillow, it will help motivate me...

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