Weekend Projects

Let me start by saying that it is a gorgeous day in Connecticut today! I know the weather won't stay like this for long but it's nice to have the sun out and birds chirping. 

As the work week winds down, I have a few projects on my radar for the weekend and I'm setting aside a few hours to hopefully get them done. 

  • Decoupage tea light holders - since these were such a hit at my last show, I'm going to make a couple more but with a twist. One will be made with a wine glass and one with a martini glass. I have an idea that I think will provide a sleeker finish that my first ones but I'll hold off writing about it until I see the results. 

  • Decoupage with sheet music - this is an idea that I have seen done a few different ways, all of which looked amazing. Most of the projects I saw used large pieces such as end tables to work with so I'll see what I have to experiment with. 

  • Infinity scarf - I mentioned this project last weekend. I have my pieces cut and ready to go but I haven't had time to sit with my sewing machine. I know we'll have at least a few cool spring nights still so I'll be happy to have it when it's finally done! 

  • And I think I'm going to pick up a cotton tote bag because I have two ladybug gem iron-ons and these adorable buttons: 

I was going to use these on a jean jacket but I don't know if I want to hand sew those on denim (they are tiny!) - my poor little fingers wouldn't be able to stand the torture!

I'm going to step away from the crafts for a little while and watch a movie. We just got The Kids Are All Right in from Netflix - I've heard good things.

Hope everyone is having a fantastic start to the weekend! 

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