Deal of the Day

While out today, picking up spray paint for another project for the house, I was in Home Depot and decided to check out the tiles for future coaster projects because I had so much fun with my first try. I came across these two iridescent tile mats, that were on clearance but no price was marked.

When I was at the register, the nice sales lady told me that they were only $0.51 each! I was happy to scoop this deal up so I can make coasters for summer time gifts or possibly for a frame project I have in mind...

I also discovered an interesting looking chair at the consignment store today, with a little spray paint and some TLC, two of my specialties, I think it will be the perfect addition to our living room. I'm hoping to work on that tomorrow (my goal is to post before and after shots) because our bedroom makeover starts soon and I'm not sure what I'll be able to get done once that starts!

Hope everyone is having a fun weekend - it's chilly but beautiful here in New England!

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