Tile Coasters - Part I

Inspired by the ease of the new back splash that my hubby and I installed, I decided to use the tile mats from Home Depot to attempt some fun coasters, perfect for those upcoming spring nights on the deck. And after the snow we had in New England last night, we are all looking forward to Spring!

Here are my supplies, as seen in the picture: 

  • Tiles - any size, any style (the ones I used are 1x1 inch, already spaced - from Home Depot $4.99, in blue & brown)
  • Tile setting mat - sticky plastic to hold the tile in place
  • Cork board - this should be sturdy, as it will be the base of the coaster
  • Grout - any color, feel free to experiment
  • Float - to spread the grout (these can be found at Home Depot)
  • Sponge - to clean off groat after is has dried 
Not shown:
  • Scissors 
  • Table covering
  • Plastic gloves 
I'm letting the grout set on these this afternoon and I should have time to clean them tonight to see the final results. I'm guessing there will be some sanding involved along the sides but I'm hoping it's not too bad. Here are some production pictures until then...

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