Babycakes Book Recommendation

This book has been out for a few years but it's still one of my favorites.

The Big Ass Book of Crafts
by Mark Montano

My husband surprised me with this book - it's full of interesting and inspiring ideas for the home and for gifts. 

One of the projects I tried was the silhouette painting. I used a clear glass plate, black acrylic paint and gold spray paint. Try experimenting with different colors and silhouette shapes. Here is one of my finished plates:

I taped the picture to the front of the plate, traced the silhouette with a black paint pen and then filled in the design with black acrylic paint. Once that dries, hold it up to the light to make sure the black paint covers all of the design, if the design is complete, cover the back with spray paint in light layers, until you get the desired effect. 

Have a great weekend - happy crafting!

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