Sundress Salvaged - Summer Top

As with many of my projects, I don't happen to have a before picture of this sundress but take my word for it - it was super cute. Since Bunch and I eloped, I had the joy of picking out two wedding dresses. One for the beach ceremony on Martha's Vineyard and one for reception with family & friends, the following summer.

This top is what was salvaged from my reception dress, which was the unfortunate victim of a red wine stain from that party. The tiered skirt was perfectly adorable but it had to go if I was going to keep this piece of clothing, in any form. 

I took a pair of scissors to the top tier of the skirt, added some thin black ribbon and created a clean hem with white thread and a single stitch.  Now it's the perfect tube top for a hot summer day or with my favorite black cardigan on a cool night. 

I love the ruched top most of all and I'm so glad I was able to save this dress and turn it into a fun, comfy little top for the upcoming warm weather.


  1. Thanks so much! I am glad I was able to save some part of the dress to wear and it's super comfortable too!