Personalized Angel Birthday Gift

Sometimes craft orders come from the strangest places - recently we've been doing some work on our house and the subcontractor asked if I could make a birthday gift for his girlfriend. He mentioned that she liked angels and asked me to create a pillow to match this Amazing Grace plate - 

I didn't include any tutorial tips with the pillow because I figure those are easy enough to come by.

A view of the embellishments from the top.  

He happened to mention that her favorite color is purple and her nickname is Angel so I created a personalized frame for a picture of the cute couple. I am going to post a mini-tutorial of this soon. 

Trying to think ahead, I decided I should take of the gift wrapping for him as well. I managed to be done way ahead of deadline (tomorrow) and I think he'll be pleased that the wrapping is done. 

I hope this Babycakes creation is a hit - I'll be sure to let you know how she liked it!


  1. well how can;t it be a hit??? It looks fantastic. Pauline x x

  2. Thanks so much - he was so excited when he saw it, I can't wait to hear his girlfriend's reaction!