Embellished Wood Picture Frame

Here is a fun and easy tutorial, a follow-up to the gift basket I delivered this week, on how to make a customized frame as a gift for just about anyone. 

I went to my happy place - Joann Fabrics - and found a fun, inexpensive frame to start with (always remember to bring your 40% off coupon!) and a wood cutout of the word "Angel". You can use any cutout word that you like or buy single wood letters to spell anything you want. 

I started by going to a well-ventilated area and spray painting the Angel cutout in a light purple. 


While that sat outside and dried, I went to work on the actual frame. I used just a bit of fine sandpaper to make sure it was nice and smooth before painting. 

Once the frame and cutout was dry, I affixed them together with wood glue and decided that the frame needed a little something extra, without going overboard. Yes, I have the tendency to add a ton of glitter or colorful gems to whatever project I am working on. But in this case, the recipient was described as a little less flashy so I went with a very simple angel in the corner. Using a purple gem for the head and drawing the wings and body with a white paint pen, it looked exactly as I had hoped!

And finally, the finished product...

Today is the birthday of the girl that I made this for so I hope she enjoys her gift basket and has a wonderful day!

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  1. I love making these little frames. All the pictures on my shelves are housed in hand made frames! You'll have to let us know how much she liked your basket of goodies!