More Geeky Crafts

As I mentioned last week, May is Geeky Crafts month. Since I have a busy day ahead of me, I won't be able to work on any projects today so I wanted to share the work of some talented & crafty geeks out there. 

This amazing Pac-man pillow is a one of a kind creation from "talking trash and wasting time" that she was kind enough to share on Flickr.

In honor of my hubby, who loves to play Angry Birds - you can actually buy the pattern for these cute little amigurumi Angry Birds characters. Picture from GadgetSin.com

And one of my favorite projects, even though they have long been sold on Etsy by diffractionfiber, is a unique set of Control-Alt-Delete pillows. How fun!

Have you made any geeky crafts in honor of this month?

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