Father's Day Gift Ideas

As you already know, Father's Day is the next gift-giving holiday and if you are a crafter, then you are probably thinking of ideas already. 

I find it can be tougher to make gifts for men but it can be done! One of my favorite ideas is anything edible - it's always appreciated and doesn't sit around collecting dust like a coffee mug. This year, I may try making some chocolate covered pecans and dried apricots. My dad loves chocolate and this combination should be interesting. You can obviously use any combination of nuts and dried fruits such as raisins, dehydrated bananas or as I mentioned before, apricots. 

Here is a picture from Pelicangal from Oregan, courtesy of Allrecipes.com. She drizzled white chocolate over the top for a professional finishing touch. 

Another idea, which would perfectly combined with a case of imported beer or bottle of liquor, is coasters. You can make these using any number of materials. Tiles are an inexpensive starting point, that can be painted on or decoupaged, as long as you use sealer in case of beverage condensation. You could also try making your own from inexpensive back splash tile, available from Home Depot. I posted a tutorial recently on how to make tile coasters like these. 

Finally, you can find creative ways to pot plants or decorate planters for a cactus or bonsai tree. My mom and grandma love plants but I'm hardly going to buy my dad a tropical lily or hanging bleeding hearts hanging basket. 

This bamboo plants is available from Joe Bonsai, along with many other types of plants, in all sizes and prices. 

What are your Father's Day ideas and/or plans?

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