Craft Fairs vs Flea Markets

Even though I normally love Mondays, today has just beaten me up! It started off well enough but when I opened my washing machine after the first load of clothes this morning - I realized that the brightly colored place mats I had recently salvaged from my Nana's house had run all over each other. No longer looking like fun fiesta decor, they now looked like I had let a small child near them with a box of markers.

My day didn't necessarily get any worse so that's good. I delivered the birthday gift that our subcontractor had ordered and he was thrilled with the results. His girlfriend's birthday is in 3 days so I can't wait to hear what he says after that!

Here's my question for all of you today - it was suggested to me that I try selling my crafts at a flea market. I've thought about it before but usually talk myself out of it thinking that everyone will try to haggle with me and I'll see my hard work sell out along with my spirit. What do you think? 

Have you sold your crafts at flea markets? How are they different than the average outdoor craft fair in the spring/summer? Do you have any tips or suggestions? Please let me know in the comments section - I'm going to post this question on Twitter too and I'll update with any great advice I get...

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  1. Dont have any tips or suggestions but would love to know the answer to this as there is a really busy flea market in the next town to me and I've always wondered the same thing!

    Good luck and I look forward to what you find :)

    Rhi x