From the Archives - Eternity Sweater Scarf

One of my favorite projects last year was an sweater scarf, made from two sweaters that were no longer in my wardrobe repertoire. The turquoise sweater is a little small and the gray hooded sweater coat is too overwhelming for my short frame.  They both have a ribbed texture so mixing the different colored sections added a fun twist to my final product. 

I cut off the arms, carefully along the seam as well as the hood from the gray sweater, set aside for later. The cut rectangle sections from each sweater using as much as you can. I also used the pieces from the sleeve, which made my scarf extra long, for more looping. Then I pinned all of the sections, edges out and without repeating.

This next part takes a little time but it's not too difficult. Sew all of your pieces together, then match up the two long pieces you'll have and sew them together, leaving one end open so you can turn it right-side-out. 

You can use one sweater to make it all the same color or mix and match like I did. Here are the final results!

I can layer it in the cold weather...

Or for a casual Autumn night.

The best part - it matches my favorite ankle boots!

I originally inspired by a tutorial from Adventures in Dressmaking. Be sure to check out her site for other recycled and upcycled sewing projects.

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