Decorative Fall Arrangement Vase and Frame

I saw a great idea online the other day, to use a vase as a picture frame so I decided to add a twist on that idea by making a fall decor mantle piece that doubles as a frame.

Here are the supplies that I started with:

  • Apple ornaments (bought at a tag sale for $0.50)
  • Pumpkin accents (can be found at any craft store for about $2-$3)
  • Pine cones, in differing sizes (real or decorative, I got these off of Freecycle)
  • Raffia decoration (also from Freecycle)
  • Krylon spray paint in Caramel Latte color
  • Cynlinder vase

I started by trimming my picture with a paper cutter, to ensure straight cuts, and lining it up in the front of the vase. I put two small pieces of clear tape on the sides to keep it in place. Then I started stacking the pine cones, apples and pumpkins on the bottom, with some raffia to fill in the gaps. 

I spray painted a handful of the pine cones and pumpkins to give the arrangement more character. I didn't cover them entirely and liked the way that effect looked.

 I continued to layer the pieces until the vase was just past the top. Here is the view from the back: 

And the view from the front - I love this black & white photo of me and my hubby dancing at my friend Kerry's wedding last year.

This could easily be used for any season; replace the pine cones and pumpkins with Christmas bulbs or plastic Easter eggs for Spring. I just love the idea of using interesting glass pieces as frames!
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  1. it looks great! I do like the pine cones only semi spray painted, what a great thanksgiving centerpiece idea :)