Crafty Links - Babycakes Approved

It's Monday and while I'm full of energy, I'm going to make sure I use it on my lamp project. I used yellow fabric paint last night on the alternating panels. The goal is to try and make it unisex, while I try to be patient for the next week before we find out if this little bean is a boy or a girl. 

In the meantime, let's check out some crafty links!
  • Another food craft project that sadly for me, involves liquor. But I will keep it on the list for a fun party dessert in the future - Vodka Soaked Gummy Bears from That's So Michelle. Looks like this would work with gummy Life Savers too. Yum!!
  • I'm beginning to really love anything with pinwheels and these Pinwheel Placemats are no exception! Spruce up some plain mats that you already have or find some at the thrift store for this fun project from Positively Splendid

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