Holiday Crafts on the Brain

It's only August and I'm already thinking about holiday crafts and gifts. Kind of scary since by then, I'll be very close to delivery! But I figure it's better that I be prepared ahead of time so I'm not going to beat myself for looking forward to the end of the year. Plus, I really don't mind looking ahead right now because it means this horrible heat will be gone soon.

Here are a few of the craft projects I would like to try this year...

It's never too early to be in a celebratory mood!


  1. Ive been craving holidays too... I dont like the winter but I love decorating my house! I really like those candles, I'm sure you could make those with $1 candles and some mod podge :)

    -rachel w k

  2. I can't stand the winter either but decorating the house is so much fun! I'm wondering if I could make those candles with LED candles instead - otherwise I'd be worried about the combination of Modge Podge, paper and fire, lol.