Addicted to Baby Clothes!

I'm just past my 18 week marker which means we've got a little over two weeks until we find out the gender of this little peanut but I've found myself already buying cute little outfits. My friend Allison said it's a slippery slope and boy was she right!

Last week, I found this snuggley sleeper...

And just today, I felt the need to pick up this little newborn outfit, since it'll be pretty cold when he or she finally makes an arrival. 

Next weekend, we're going to start looking at nursery furniture. It's a bit early still but we'd like to have the nursery ready before my third trimester because I've heard my energy level might not be so high at that point. I'll be sure to post before and after pictures as my husband's office becomes the baby nursery. It's already painted blue so keep your fingers crossed that we don't have to repaint. Ha!

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