Inexpensive Nursery Wall Decor

I hope you will forgive me for taking the weekend off from blogging. We celebrated my birthday on Friday with a trip to the Connecticut Tigers baseball game and everything since then has been a blur of crib shopping and car browsing. We finally picked out a crib, along with a number of other outfits and toys for our new addition and I think we found a car we liked as well although we haven't taken the plunge to buy it just yet.

While I continue to work on my lamp project (which is going to take me a tad longer than expected) - here is another inexpensive decor item I have created for the nursery. 

Using just a small piece of monkey fabric from a half-yard remnant I found at Joann Fabrics and a plain brown frame that I had stashed in my craft room, I made this wall hanging - 



Sorry about the flash on the finished product picture, a new camera is on the list of things I need before the baby comes too...

Bunch seemed to think this is a little plain so maybe I'll put next weeks sonogram picture in the middle to make it more fun and more of an 'official' picture.

Back to the lamp, hope you all had a great weekend!


  1. Happy Birthday!!! I hope you find the perfect car to truck around a baby seat :) Sounds like you're having fun shopping for cute little items!

  2. Thanks! Not much luck on the car front yet but we're hopeful... I'm being kind of particular but I think I'm allowed ;)