Lovely Card Creations from a Fellow Crafty Blogger

Today I experienced one of the most touching moments since I've started this blog. A routine trip to the mailbox turned up a package from one of my Twitter friends, Rachel from TwitterRWCrafts. Since I recently shared my pregnancy news, she sent this adorable, handmade baby card.

Also in the package were these cute Thank You cards, which will surely come in handy over the next few months, since we've already started receiving baby gifts!

Rachel also used her crafty skills to create this cute photo album - I can't wait to put some pictures of this little one in there. 

It's funny, we went from talking about getting pregnant to actually getting the house ready for a baby! While some of my friends are excited to get their baby stuff out of the house and pass it along to us, I love seeing the house slowly transform. Even though it means I have to start moving all the breakables to higher shelves ;)

A heartfelt thank you again to Rachel - be sure to visit her blog often, for some amazing projects and gorgeous photos. 


  1. So sweet of you, I'm so glad everything arrived in tact :) You'll have to show us how your house is turning into a baby zone! Congratulations :)

  2. I'll be sure to post pictures of the transformation. We just redid my hubby's office less than 2 years ago and he'll be losing it to the nursery so that should provide some great before and after pics, lol.