Lack of Posting - I Can Explain!

Hello all - I guess it's not a big secret that my posting has been a little lax lately. As I round the 6 week Countdown-to-Baby, I'm getting slower all around. Not only am I getting winded when I walk up the stairs too quickly (sad but true) but my craft projects have slowed to a halt. The craft fair that I attended a couple of weeks ago went well, although I was surprised that my newest creation, the Ice Skate Centerpiece did not sell, despite a lot of compliments. Oh well, it will look great in our front window this holiday season!

The most creative thing I've done this week is to start some hand-made Christmas cards (I typically do half homemade and half out of the box) and try to come up with some fun and easy little craft projects that I can add onto the gifts I've already bought. Yes, I'm that person - my shopping has been done for weeks.

One of the projects I would like to attempt this week, since I should have some extra time, is a Reindeer Car Costume, like this one: 
I haven't found many tutorials online so I would like to try and make this with items I already have in the house and post the process for others to try as well.

All I can say is that it's a good thing this baby is due after the first of the year or I would definitely be making him wear this to match the car: 

Thanks for your patience while I get back to crafting, in the midst of packing my hospital bag, washing a million baby clothes and linens in Dreft and training my replacement for maternity leave.

How are all your holiday projects coming along? Can you believe it's only 25 days until Christmas?

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