Baby Shower Celebration

It's Tuesday and I'm still recovering from my baby shower celebration! A big thank you to all my family and friends for making it a lovely day. There is more baby stuff around the house than I could ever imagine - how are babies so small but yet they need so much big stuff? :)

Raspberry cake - made by my mom

Love these decorations - wrapped pictures on the wall with outfits & bows

Spoiled little guy!

Crib - all set up and ready for his arrival...

Baby's first Red Sox outfit - that's a must!!

Elf on the Shelf - I might be more excited about this than the baby will be!

Teeny-tiny sneaker socks - love these

 Just about 8 weeks left - hard to believe!


  1. oh my word that is a lot of gifts!!!! Looks like so much fun, I hope that nursery is getting all the nice finishing touches ;)

  2. Hi Rachel! The nursery is coming along nicely but I'm absolutely dumbfounded by the fact that babies are so small but they need such big things! :)