Crafty iPhone Apps

When upgrade time for my phone finally came around, I was able to convince my hubby that I needed a new iPhone 4S. No, we didn't run out and pick one up last Friday; I pre-ordered it so it would be delivered to the house this week because, well...frankly, I work from home and couldn't be bothered to fight the crowds. So I will wait a few extra days to get it but in the meantime, here are some fun, crafty apps that you might want to consider downloading! 

  • Disney FamilyFun's Craft Finder Application
    • find crafts by age, time and season
    • shopping list generator
    • step by step how-to guides
    • share your crafts via Facebook and Twitter
  •  Stitchminder (for knitters)
    • track rows completed
    • pattern rows, increase and decreases
    • counters can be configured to count upwards or downwards
    • counts are always stored when you close the program or get interrupted by a call

  •  Coolibah (digital scrapbooking)
    • create scrapbook pages on your iPhone, using camera phone photos or other imported images
    • save your pages and work on them later
    • with upgraded app, you can export high resolution images to use on your home computer or to print
      • Free version of the app includes the Coolibah watermark - semi bummer
  •  Etsy Addict
    • browse the Etsy site, search, browse by category and add favorites
    • keep tabs on your stores feedback and sales count
    • don't miss out on Etsy shopping opportunities, no matter where you are!

What are some of your favorite crafty apps? 

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